It was the Year Two-Thousand when – in the very heart of Rome – Salvatore Giorgio Dino founded D'ORO Collection Publishing House, following up on a tradition that had started in 1965.

A Publishing House which brings centuries of history and traditions back to life, from the Middles Ages to the present time. The very size of the books is chosen according to the proportions of Leonardo's Vitruvian Man created around the year 1490 a.C.

D'ORO Collection has Master Craftsmen who have handed over this job from one generation to the other for more than 300 years.


D'ORO Collection and Automobili Lamborghini present the Second Edition of DNA Lamborghini to collectors and enthusiasts, with expanded and updated contents in an even more limited edition: 150 numbered copies that can be personalized on request with the owner’s name initials and the super sports car VIN - the unique chassis number that distinguishes each Lamborghini car.

There is nothing like a Book to tell a story.
We know that a Made-to-Measure Book is for the true connoisseur, who looks to the future and who desires a Book created in the most upscale way.
A person who makes an investment whose cultural and economic value is bound to increase over time. A Made-to-Measure Book  is a Numbered and Certified work of art.

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