Ramadan Fashion - Exclusive Edition

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Ramadan Fashion, The Saudi Perspective - Exclusive Edition

The Exclusive Edition of "Ramadan Fashion, The Saudi Perspective" is a true work of art. The set consists of two books, one in English and one in Arabic, both housed in a luxurious velvet and silk-covered wooden box with a green leather lid featuring a striking golden plate with the title of the book inscribed upon it. 

Inside, both books are rich in stunning photographs and insightful descriptions of the Saudi fashion culture during the holy month of Ramadan. The English version is presented in its hard-cover while the Arabic one is bound with green leather covers and golden details. 

The two versions are equally beautiful in their diversity, providing a fascinating and immersive look into this unique cultural tradition, through traditional costumes and ultimate fashion collections.

The Exclusive Edition set is perfect for collectors and anyone interested in the fascinating culture of Saudi Arabia. It is a book set that will be treasured and enjoyed for years to come, and the luxurious box adds to uniqueness.

The "Ramadan Fashion" coffee table book is a stunning and visually striking hard-cover book. 

Its design is elegant and sophisticated, with a title that immediately catches the eye and draws the reader in.

Upon opening the book, readers are immediately greeted with a feast for the eyes. The book is mainly photographic, with full-page color images that beautifully capture the essence of Saudi fashion during the Holy month of Ramadan. 

The photographs are arranged in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow, allowing readers to immerse themselves fully in the beauty and diversity of Saudi fashion. The book features both traditional costumes and contemporary fashion collections created for the Holy month by Saudi designers for both men and women. 

"Ramadan Fashion" showcases the precious details of traditional Saudi dresses, as well as the vibrant colors and modern cuts of contemporary fashion, on a journey through the fascinating world of fashion in Saudi Arabia.

The images are accompanied by chapters, providing a deeper understanding of the cultural traditions and meanings behind the garments and accessories worn during this important time.

"Ramadan Fashion"  is a stunning and captivating work of art that celebrates the beauty, diversity, and cultural heritage of Saudi fashion during the Holy month of Ramadan. It is a book that will be treasured by fashion enthusiasts and anyone interested in the fascinating culture of Saudi Arabia.

Title: Ramadan Fashion, The Saudi Perspective
ISBN: 978-88-940676-7-5 and 978-88-940676-8-2
Author: Marwa Al-Jamea
Language: Arabic and English
Production site: Entirely made in Italy at the D’ORO Collection workshops
Number of pages: 308 and 312
Dimensions (cm): 25 x 33 x 4
Cover: Green leather with hand-made golden finishing and Hard-cover
Paper: white paper, 150 gsm
Box: The two books are preserved inside a precious wooden box lined with velvet and silk, with a leather lid. The box is finished with a gold plate.


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar – known as Hijri calendar. It is observed by Muslims as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and living in community.

Such a commemoration is considered one of the Five Pillars of Islam and lasts from twenty-nine to thirty days beginning with the sight of the crescent moon. It is considered the most important month for Muslims as the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad – Peace be upon Him.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the holy city of Mecca is located, Ramadan is considered a period of goodness, piety and charity. In the month of Ramadan there is a unique atmosphere of religious rituals rooted in the Islamic traditions.

The main principles guiding life during the holy month are love and tolerance. Whatever is focused on family and religion comes first. Moreover, this is the month when Muslims eat only two meals per day: the Suhoor, early in the morning before Fajr prayer and the Iftar to break fasting after the cannon shot (Maghrib prayer) – an ancient tradition that has been handed down for centuries.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia there are numerous rituals linked to Ramadan and countless charity initiatives in which people are eager to participate.

The air of celebration is also visible in the decorations and lights which embellish the cities.

In such an atmosphere one more important ritual concerns fashion and the search for the most suitable pieces of clothing for the holy celebrations.

The Saudi fashion industry has been evolving while grounded on genuine interpersonal and cultural relations, thus outlining new perspectives.

There is an impulse to do things, to create something in the present – a present which is strongly rooted in traditions and forward-looking at the same time.

This is the scenario in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today – where a vivid tradition and a culturally active present nurture creativity and open the way for the achievement of an entire range of future goals that are clear on the horizon.

Such is the atmosphere that saw the beginning of Saudi fashion, and which has been marking its future path.

Saudi fashion brands are changing the way fashion is viewed within the Kingdom, continually inventing and reinventing themselves, season after season, in line with the historic moment and knowing how to exalt the complex relationship between humans and spirituality.

In full respect of the Country’s history, knowledgeable and skilful designers draw the essence of their creative process from nature, architecture and the diverse populations inhabiting a vast Kingdom.

They all recognize the importance of culture and religion, and strike the right balance between them, thus creating a continuous dialogue between the past and the present time – on whose basis their stylistic choices are taken.

There is intuition, there is consciousness, and numerous unavoidable reference points are contributing and will contribute to turning Saudi fashion into a movement characterized by a unique style, in which the sense of belonging echoes and relives in ever-new lines.

Today’s brands stand before a global audience and are responsible for representing entire universes – and not merely clothes-making. There is always a meaning behind appearance, and the great cultural richness of Saudi fashion is what makes it unique on the global stage.

The cutting-edge aesthetic approach of Saudi designers is one where colours and simple and linear shapes alternate with extraordinarily fine details. Their concept of fashion relies on preserving and conserving. Such words are rather unusual in the fashion system, yet they stand for high value and authenticity.

Saudi fashion is made of conventional beauty, where creativity is often an attempt of modernising tradition – which is accomplished by taking ornaments and details to increasingly higher levels and playing with new combinations.

This book documents a vibrant historic era of innovation.

Through a series of contemporary images, it opens a window on the present time, on its diverse, lively and vibrant fashion while narrating past traditions with meticulous attention.

This alternation of current history and tradition creates an interplay of references, similarities, inspirations and diversities that captivate the reader page after page in a combination of visual arts and spiritual meanings.

Saudi fashion may only be described with respect to its origins. Everything is closely related and interconnected, thus bearing witness to traditions with utmost care.

A piece of clothing is the means through which the body connects to its behaviours, accompanying human beings in their daily experiences. Such a connection acquires deeper and deeper meanings when placed in the sacred context of the month of Ramadan.

Purified lines and flowing garments currently allow for multiple style choices reflecting new balances, new looks and the possibility of expressing oneself in a creative tribute to religion and traditional culture.

Burak Çakmak

Chief Executive Officer, Fashion Commission of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture