D’ORO Collection at Neiman Marcus, US

D'ORO Collection is officially one of the brands sold in the esteemed Neiman Marcus, the most iconic and exclusive department stores in the United States. 

This is a milestone in our ongoing journey and we are excited to share it with you. The entire collection of D'ORO Collection books awaits you, from Rome to The Golden Horses, all proudly created by hand on the historic Via Appia Antica, to be passed down from generation to generation.

D’ORO D’ART at the B3 Biennale of Frankfurt

Great enthusiasm and success -from the partnership with the B3 Biennale in Frankfurt- for the international launch of "The Grand Voyage," the new D'ORO D'ART project created by Federico Solmi.

Federico Solmi, an established contemporary artist whose artworks are displayed around the world, has ironically created characters who inhabit a double dimension, blurring the boundaries between classic brush portraits and digital images. These characters traverse a computer-generated universe, sporting costumes from different eras, interweaving humor and contemplation. The works are presented in three series of three unique pieces. A total of nine artworks that make this D’ORO D’ART edition even more sought-after.

D’ORO Collection and Automobili Lamborghini

The tour celebrating Lamborghini's 60th Anniversary continues, and our book, DNA Lamborghini Platinum Edition, was once again the star of evenings organized by dealers in Rome, Prague, Madrid and Barcelona. Breathtaking scenery and a festive atmosphere to celebrate those who invented the concept of the supercar, and DNA Lamborghini Platinum Edition reveals the official story behind its origins.

Back in Italy, among our typical villages, it was a great pleasure to see DNA Lamborghini II Edition appreciated by authentic connoisseurs and admirers of Lamborghini, people and collectors who first and foremost appreciate its history and origins. All this took place during Miura Days, an event organized by the Registro Italiano Miura in the picturesque Lispida Castle, which stands on an ancient monastery in the heart of the Colli Euganei and featured these beautiful and colorful cars.