The Owners of D'ORO's Golden Books - D'ORO Collection

The history of D’ORO’s Golden Book owners is a timeline laden with gems. All of whom that own a book, have shared a common desire of having an object that could record a moment of importance to them, whether it was the celebration of an individual or the preservation of a culture. All have had their stories not only actualised in the pages of D’ORO’s fine Gold Books, but strengthened by D’ORO’s artistry.

My family and I really appreciated D’ORO major works to which we reserved a place of honour in the presidential collection”. – George Bush, 41st President of the United States of America.

D’ORO’s books have captured the lives of great leaders, following the requests from family members, friends or associates. Each request comes with its own measurement and requirements, resulting in a personalised commemoration of their stories.

As well as taking requests The D’ORO Collection has also published a limited Volume, for those with the desire to discover, make your request to visit –