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The Golden Horse – en

A long-lasting relationship. Courageous, constant, faithful, new in its forms but changeless in its substance. For the real connoisseurs-readers, D’ORO Collection Publishing House creates a unique volume of its kind, dedicated to a definite subject and intended for those cultural élites existing in different parts of the world: something immutable that can be passed on over the years.

If there is an animal that has always embodied a close relationship between mankind and nature, an almost mystical and ancestral symbiosis, that animal is certainly the horse. Even in prehistoric times primitive people drew stylized signs representing horses on the walls of caves. These animals have always been protagonists in history and literature, close to the pens of great writers and the deeds of emperors and kings. That is how the idea of dedicating a volume to the horse and its relationship with humanity within history arose.

A text that is not merely a description of equine races but a wide-ranging collection of anecdotes, poems and stories that trace the path of the relationship between man and horse.
From Mohammed to Alexander the Great, from Napoleon to Buffalo Bill, the book takes the shape of an atlas of the equine world and its links with humanity and history. It is a work enriched by Shakespeare’s sonnets and other authors who have written stories about horses, praising their virtues and qualities.

Manhood and nature have always moved on two parallel tracks, two different roads that have always attempted to find meeting points and affinities despite their differences.
As time went by, man discovered the characteristics of every single animal, sometimes making use of them for its own needs, and at other times adapting itself to the needs of various species of life. In this perspective, the horse is something more. Not just an animal, not just something to make use of and to take advantage of. The horse is a complement, an animal that becomes one with man, that faces battles and wins them. The horse is one of man’s best friends.
These are people, with their sensitivity and quest for knowledge, their desire to explore new horizons and discover ancient and ancestral ones, for whom this book is intended. A volume that is the first of a long series which will be added to the catalogue of D’ORO Collection.

This Work springs from the desire to create something universal in its contents, language and plot: there are stories that last for ever and survive technology. Like the books of the D’ORO Collection Publishing House.