Modern Heroes - D'ORO Collection

Modern Heroes

Modern Heroes is the series that D’ORO Collection dedicated to the Italian heroes who, with their innovative vision, ethics and winning entrepreneurial model, have contributed to the economic, social and employment growth of our country. This is why they deserve to be immortalised in a golden book, because the protagonists are precious men for their context.

Stories of winners, narrated with passion and enclosed in a book worthy of the life that it is handing down. Stories destined to be remembered, beyond the man who has lived them. Stories that deserve to be read, for knowledge and understanding.
Stories that deserve to be protected, so as to last throughout the centuries.
The publisher chooses the publication, reserving himself the right to select, amongst the many, the worthiest Italians to whom to dedicate a volume of the “The Modern Heroes”, printed, bound and hand carved in accordance with a centuries-old tradition that inspires the production of our books, with the classic gold leaf cover that distinguishes them.

The unveiling and official presentation of the D’ORO book takes place during a gala evening at Villa Dino, the headquarters of D’ORO Collection, in the presence of visitors and guests.
The Modern Heroes series wants to represent a cultural award, a tribute to self-made individuals or to the most capable corporate heads who, with their daily work, make Italy great. They also simultaneously provide the most sophisticated lovers of culture with the most unique collectable books.