Immortal Heroes - D'ORO Collection

Immortal Heroes

The classic D’ORO Collection series dedicated to the stories and characters, past and present, destined to live for ever.
Napoleon, Julius Caesar, imperial Rome, the Aeneid, Renato Guttuso, but also Gerald Ford, George Bush, Queen Elizabeth and Pope Francis, stories of individuals who become history, framed in a single book, entirely hand crafted with traditional techniques and materials. The printing, the binding, the engravings, everything happens inside of our publishing house, with the knowledgeable work of skilled artisans and the direct supervision of the publisher.

Any printing errors remain in our small museum: each finished book is a unique copy, of excellent quality and free from defects. The covers of the D’ORO Collection volumes are hand carved and covered with gold leaf, with a technique that involves eighteen processes.
The Immortal Heroes are luxury books intended for an exclusive audience composed of refined book lovers and collectors of works of art, a luxury intended for a few lucky individuals who do not like to conform and have the means to distinguish themselves, also thanks to a book.

The Collection