Bespoke - D'ORO Collection


The Bespoke line is the series of books that our publishing house creates on commission.
Exclusive books that are printed and bound by hand, custom tailored for the client, who can choose every detail and intervene at any stage of the process. The client can select the paper type and thickness, the text, whether it is hand printed, written by hand or by movable types, which involves twenty-eight different passages, the cover, by following its eighteen processes for a more suitable gilding or leather, the lithography, whether it be directly painted on paper, with photo printing or lithographic printing, the binding, with each page folded by hand and mechanically sutured. Whatever their taste may be, they will have the certainty that their story is safely kept in an immortal book.
If you are the kind of person who does not like to conform and knows the value of individuality, then you will understand the spirit of the D’ORO Bespoke books. They are unique specimens, printed in a single copy, or in limited editions, for very few special individuals, created to reaffirm and enframe the uniqueness of their content. Books born to be cherished: a D’ORO Collection book is a work of art, a unique specimen that has its own value as such.
We convey important stories, such as your autobiography, written by you or by a trusted biographer who, through meetings and interviews, will write your story, your thoughts, your values, your life experiences or your successful venture. We only work with biographers and writers of talent, who have already proven their worth in this field, because the written word is the fulcrum of the message. Our texts are groomed with the same devotion placed in the processes of printing and binding: each text, before being printed, undergoes editing and correction. Along with content we also convey a style, which is made of details and commitment for the reader.
A D’ORO book is a unique way to create and protect your most precious legacy, your passage on this earth, fixed on the pages of a book that stands out from all the others and challenges the centuries to come.
In five or six hundred years our publishing house may be gone, but certainly not our books.